Friday, October 9, 2015

Those People

So this Jew is having an awesome time in the temple patting himself on the back. I think he was close to dislocating his shoulder. "God, I am so glad I ain't like that dude over there. He is a traitor. He not only works for our oppressors, but he robs us just to pad his bank account. I'm sure you are about to zap him. But I am totally doing the right stuff. I'm about as good as it gets. I know you are going to give me the hook up!"

Jesus told this story to communicate a different point. But I want you to see that you could be this guy just by having the "those people" attitude. I'm not going to list who "those people" are because I would miss the ones that are on your "those people" list. "Those people" are the ones that you feel uncomfortable around, the ones you avoid, the ones that you look on with judgment and distrust, the ones that you make assumptions about and don't understand.

Here's the thing. Jesus calls us to love "those people". It requires something of us. We will have to get close to them. Eat with them. Have them come to our homes. Go to their homes. We must get involved in their world. We must get dirty and hurt. That's how it works to love like Jesus.

If you think you are religious and are in good standing with the "man upstairs", I wonder if you have considered getting close enough to "those people" until they are no longer "those people" but rather people with names and stories that cause you to cry with them. You ain't cool with God until you are cool with "those people".

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