Monday, March 14, 2016

Be A Light

So when I face opposition or discomfort, I want it to be removed. This could be a problem. I have been called to be light in my present environment.

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Jesus made it clear that those who follow Him will experience opposition (even deadly opposition).

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A light is brighter in the contrast of darkness. I think the song lyrics "carry your candle, run to the darkness" is a correct mindset. When Peter and John experienced opposition, they met with fellow believers to pray. Rather than asking God to remove the opposition, they asked God for boldness. Obviously the right choice because God made His presence known by shaking the building.

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I should not expect the devil and his children to be pleasant and happy about my mission or the kingdom of Shalom to which I belong. When opposition increases, the light increases. I need to amp up my efforts. God help me! Phil. 2:13

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I receive His blessing when I am a peacemaker. He tells me it will be hard, but I should be excited about experiencing opposition. I am a subject of the Greatest King. That is enough for me.

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